Size does matter. It is important to use the bag provided, as the size and material is best suited for the harsh conditions and space available on the vehicles.
The weather is ideal for hiking as you will be walking along the coastline much of the time. The cold sea current has a cooling effect compared to the heat of the desert. Even on the days that we walk a bit more inland, it can still be mild and sometimes cool. Be prepared for cold, wet and hot weather. It is best to wear layers.
It is entirely your own choice, but we would recommend that you walk in trail runners.
This is entirely your choice, but walking sticks do help especially when walking up a dune.
It differs from person to person, but our suggestion is approximately 2– 3 litres per day.
It is best to carry all your drinking water with you. Crew members will stop at designated points for refills if needed.
Be prepared for desert cuisine at its best! We really aim to spoil you. Our menu has a variety of foods for every meal as we know that you need to fill up on your energy and stamina. At breakfast you will pack your own lunch box for the day.
Some snacks will be provided during the course of the day, but you are welcome to bring your own. Previous hikers actually commented that they packed far too much.
The guides will take great care not to be intrusive as it is important that you experience the solitude and vastness of this spectacular place. You will sometimes see them in the distance, but during the day you are mostly on your own.
There are not toilets available during the day. Should you have a call of nature you should seek privacy behind a dune. At camp a spacious shower tent as well as a chemical toilet will be set up each night. Each person will have 5 litres of shower water available per night.
Our guides are experienced sand and dune drivers. You will be driving some of the highest dunes on earth. Remember to take your medication if you suffer from motion sickness. Then sit back and enjoy the ride. Listen to the rolling sand (brulsand) when you drive down a dune.
Limited beer and wine will be available each evening with compliments from the Namib100 team. You are more than welcome to pack the drink of your choice for evenings around the camp fire. We will stop at a liquor store (after pick up from the airport) in Walvis Bay to give you the opportunity to stock up on supplies. Please take limited luggage and cooling facilities into account.
Keep in mind that you will be hiking in one of the most remote places on earth. All equipment and resources need to be transported into and out of the desert. Think WHERE you are on a world map. The guides and crew have a responsibility to see you safely in and out of the desert.